Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dublin Dr. Pepper news

I recently attended a concert at Antone's in Austin.  The band was Bubble Puppy.  The drummer joked that they were a 60's band...since they are all over 60 now!  No matter.  These guys rocked.  One of those bands that had all the talent in the world, but hit a series of unfortunate incidents and faded into rock history/oblivion.  So you might be asking yourself about now ..." What's that got to do with Dublin Dr. Pepper?"  Glad you asked. 
     Over in a corner of Antone's where they sell concert memorabilia, was a hippie chick(is that politically incorrect?)that had a variety of oddball soft drink bottles in front of her and was giving away free samples of
everything on display.  Didn't want to take a chance on mixing beer with mystery soda, so I moved on and bought a Bubble Puppy T-shirt( got a free guitar with that too!)  Aah, but I digress. The photo below looked a lot like what I was offered that night.
So... I didn't get why they were giving away free samples of this stuff.  It all became a little clearer when a guy in a Dublin Bottling  Company  took the stage.  He spoke of the great legacy of Dr. Pepper, Cane Sugar, Soda Politics, and the rise of Dublin Bottling from the ashes of the company that was stripped of it's Dr. Pepper franchise.  Turns out they are going to give Dr. Pepper a run for their money.  They started bottling their own unique soda concotions and are distributing them in a sort of boutique/personal fashion.
I can't tell you one place that is distributing these sodas.  Guess that's what Google is for, right?
The night we were there, you could buy a custom brew-BUBBLE PUPPY SODA in a thick old glass returnable bottle!  And only $5 a shot.  Sure to be a valuable collectable 20 years from now.  I'm still waiting for that can of Billy Beer to be be worth what I paid for it at the height of Billy Beer Fever!

Sam Roberts

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